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Web Changes

This is where I'll announce the most recent additions to this web site. If you've visited before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

[New!]Lilliput Press website updates
After being unable to access this website for some time, I'm now able to make updates, and am working on improving the site as well as adding all the latest information and photos.
[New!]New Titles available
The web catalogue is not currently up to date with the latest titles, due to computer problems, but I'm working on it. Meanwhile, here is a list of all the latest titles not yet with their own webpages:

Silk-bound and Limited Editions

The following titles are available both in the silk-bound and the Limited Editions, following the same formats described on the catalogue pages.

Strawberries Fair! – The Cries of London, by Andrew Tuer

A best-seller for two centuries, this is an illustrated guide to the many varieties of street traders for which London was famous. Their distinctive cries and characters were an enduring inspiration for writers and artists for centuries—hence the lore, rhymes, and 27 woodcuts in this book. It was essential reading, educating children, and fascinating populace and tourists continuously from at least the 17th cent. See pictures here, of the silk-bound edition, price £12.50, and limited edition: pic1, pic2, price £95.

Struwwelpeter, by Dr H. Hoffmann

A classic collection of cautionary tales that has gripped, delighted and revolted generations of children for over 150 years. These rhyming tales are full of grotesque mishaps and gruesome fates, with graphic cartoon illustrations—exactly what children love. Amongst the first children’s books to take a comical tone instead of the previous heavily moral instruction, it spawned a whole progeny of imitators. See pictures here, of the silk-bound edition, price £12.50, and limited edition: pic1, pic2, price £95.

The Sonnets, by William Shakespeare

‘The greatest love poem in the language,’ this series of sonnets forms a life-long diary of Shakespeare’s feelings and loves. Some verses are passionate, others reflective; some joyful, others jealous—all presented in Shakespeare’s original language, in the beautifully harmonious layout of a Renaissance book. Illuminated capitals, ornamental bars, period illustrations and authentic typography combine to make a feast for both the eye and the heart. See pictures here, of the silk-bound edition, price £12.50, and limited edition: pic1, pic2, pic3, price £125.

The Gardener's Assistant, by Robert Thompson

In the Victorian era this was the gardening bible; everything one could wish to know about tasks for each month of the year in one weighty tome. Many surprisingly exotic fruits and vegetables, plans and people, tasks and very strange tools are amongst the 43 period engravings. See pictures here, of the silk-bound edition price £12.50. The limited edition isn't yet pictured, but has a green leather binding with very elaborate traditional Victorian gilt design, front and back - one of my best bindings so far. Price £125.

Lilliput Classics

The following are the first titles in a new range of even tinier hardback books in 1/12th scale, standing 3/4 inch tall, bound in paper, designed and hand-watercoloured to resemble traditional half-binding, with hand-coloured frontispiece. Each of these is available in the normal Limited Edition range too, bound in leather and 34mm tall.

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

Witty and incisive writing sophisticatedly tells a moving, romantic story, of Elizabeth and her sisters, and Darcy the proud gentleman.

See pictures here, of the half-bound edition, and again set next to silk-bound and Limited Editions of the Gardener's Assistant, for size comparison. Price £11. Limited Edition is £75.

A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens

The trials of Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, and the miser Scrooge with the ghosts of Christmas. Very influential on the way we celebrate Christmas today.

No pictures available yet, but see Pride and Prejudice above for the design. A Christmas Carol is similar, but the half-bound edition is in pale red with green spine and corners. Price £11. Limited Edition is £75.


Fairs and Exhibitions

I exhibit my books at just a few of the top fairs for dollshouse miniatures. I'm always delighted to meet in person anyone who enjoys the books, so come and introduce yourself. These are the places you'll find me:

Kensington Dollshouse Festival

Kensington Town Hall, London, England, second weekend in May. Formerly called the London Dollshouse Festival. See http://www.dollshousefestival.com/ for full details.


I usually exhibit at both the Spring and the Autumn Miniatura, at the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) near Birmingham, England. See www.miniatura.co.uk for full details.


The International Guild of Miniature Artisans show in Rye Town Hilton, Rye Brook, New York, USA. I haven't exhibited at IGMA since 2001.

Chicago International

I have occasionally attended Tom Bishop's show in the Spring at the Radisson hotel, Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA. I don't have any appearances booked there currently.

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