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Comprehensive collections, for storytellers, of articles, links, and information on the oral tradition and the art of storytelling - compiled by Tim Sheppard.

The Storytelling FAQ

The official Storytelling Frequently Asked Questions. Advice, resources, and information in abundance. The FAQ is the internet's first port of call for information, contacts, and general orientation on the whole subject of storytelling.

Articles and Compilations

In this section you will find in-depth material about storytelling: my own articles, and compilations of advice and discussions by experienced storytellers.

Books for Storytellers

Here is a major booklist of over 70 titles, each annotated with comments, often from several different storytellers, to give a reliable guide to which books will suit you.

Storytelling Links

The biggest collection of storytelling resources on the web, annotated and categorised for easy reference.

Story Links

A vast treasure house of links to stories of every kind

Stories The full texts of stories, some with illustrations
Gallery Storytelling in action, from various cultures
Tim Sheppard Who was that masked man? The awful truth
Wild Times

You want to learn the skills and subtle art of storytelling and have fun?! Here's how