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A Natural History



Limited Edition

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The centre book above is the dollshouse edition of volume I. The green leather bindings are much lighter than they appear here.
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A Natural History (set)

This educational guide is illustrated with characterful wood engravings, and contains not only quaint misconceptions about some species, but also that amusing pomposity toward the animal kingdom that was so prevalent at the time—Parley’s very popular work was written before Darwin had returned from his famous voyage. Bound in green Morocco. Three volumes, each limited to 150 copies. About thirty illustrations in each. 48pp.

M. Vol. I: Mammals                                     Peter Parley                                     £95

N. Vol. II: Fishes, Serpents & Reptiles   Peter Parley                                     £95

O. Vol. III: Birds                                          Peter Parley                                     £95

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