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A Beetle Assembly
Restoring A Doll's House
The Romance of Hats
The Age of Chivalry
Abdul the Wise
An Almanac
Ęsop's Fables
The Silver Penny ABC
A Natural History
A European Tour
Classical Mythology
Youthful Pursuits

[A European Tour]  
A European Tour

Click on the links below to see photos of the books, and sample illustrations of the contents. These are not yet available for all titles, but I'm working on them - keep an eye on the News page for updates. U.S. prices are on the How to Order page.

Every part of these books is intricately made by hand, and bound just like a full-size luxury volume. Each picture is individually water-coloured in great detail, ensuring every copy is unique.

Each has a full leather binding of Moroccan goatskin, with design and title in gold, and is held with a brass clasp. All titles have marbled end-papers, a gilt top edge, and hand-sewn headbands. Each is signed and numbered. The books are 1 1/3" tall, not too large for a doll's house.

Please note: none of the titles below is likely to run out of its edition within a year, unless noted, so you may order without checking availability.

E. A Beetle Assembly                                     Jenny Whittle                         SOLD OUT

A wonderfully colourful guide to those little creatures which share our world. Very decoratively illustrated by the author. One person successfully used this to identify an unusual visitor to her garden. Bound in green Morocco. Limited to 250 copies. 44pp.

F. Restoring a Doll's House                          Jean Nisbett                        SOLD OUT

Jean is a well-known writer on this subject. A compilation of practical methods and ideas used in her work. Bound in red Morocco. Limited to 200 copies. 52pp.

G. The Romance of Hats                                Deborah Sheldrake                 £40

This illustrated history takes you through the rich variety of hats and headwear worn by European women through the centuries, revealing that the fancies of current haute couture have nothing to compare to some of the everyday headwear of past ages. Bound in blue Morocco. Limited to 300 copies. 51pp.

H. The Age of Chivalry                                 Diana Cooke                             £85

An account of knights in armour, their training, strict moral code of chivalrous conduct towards women, and the intriguing rituals of jousting tournaments. With rich illustrations from the fifteenth century. Bound in black Morocco. Limited to 150 copies. 51pp.

I. Abdul the Wise                                         Paul Mount                                 £60
- an Introduction to the Idea of Democracy for the Intelligent Child

A charming and amusing story in verse, by the world-renowned sculptor. The perils of kingship in a far-off land are eventually resolved by a strange new system of rulership...With distinctive illustrations by a talented young artist. Together with poems by the author. Bound in red-ochre Morocco. Limited to 200 copies. 51pp.

J. An Almanac                                                 Guy Marchant                             £125
- or Kalendar of Shepardes

Based on the earliest printed almanac, published in 1493. This guide to the seasons, Saints' Days and festivals is illustrated with detailed fifteenth century woodcuts of everyday life for each month. Bound in brown Morocco, intricately blind-tooled and gilt. Limited to 100 copies. 50pp.

K. Ęsop’s Fables                                             Sir John Tenniel (illus.)             £145

These witty and instructive stories from before 500b.c. are still profoundly relevant, revealing all the foibles of human nature. All the detail of Tenniel’s 26 masterly and sensitive engravings has been taken to the limit of miniaturisation. Beautiful and ambitious binding in plum Morocco, blind-tooled and gilt. Limited to 100 copies. 46pp.

L. The Silver Penny ABC                                                                                     £85

A delightfully illustrated early ABC written in 1818 "for the amusement and instruction of good children". Amusingly stern moral verses and cautionary tales accompany each letter and its charmingly simple woodcut. Bound in maroon Morocco. Limited to 150 copies. 38pp.

A Natural History (set)

This educational guide is illustrated with characterful wood engravings, and contains not only quaint misconceptions about some species, but also that amusing pomposity toward the animal kingdom that was so prevalent at the time—Parley’s very popular work was written before Darwin had returned from his famous voyage. Bound in green Morocco. Three volumes, each limited to 150 copies. About thirty illustrations in each. 48pp.

M. Vol. I: Mammals                                    Peter Parley                                     £95

N. Vol. II: Fishes, Serpents & Reptiles   Peter Parley                                     £95

O. Vol. III: Birds                                          Peter Parley                                     £95


P. A European Tour                                   Rev. Isaac Taylor                            £95
– for Tarry-at-Home Travellers

Probably the first armchair travel guide, from 1820. The Rev. Taylor guides us round the cultures and sights with his idiosyncratic observations. Unlike modern tourist brochures with only seductive temptations, here you will find abundant scenes of natural disasters and daily life, amongst the many quaint illustrations. Bound in terracotta Morocco. Limited to 150 copies.

Q. Classical Mythology                             Susan Miller                                     £150

No respectable household should be without a guide to the Classics. This book describes the nature, exploits, ancestry and appearance of all the principal gods of Greek and Roman mythology, as well as many lesser gods and the heroes. Each one is illustrated by a rare French wood engraving from the early 19th century. The poetic text is from the same rare source. Bound in Morocco. Limited to 100 copies.

R. Youthful Pursuits                                 D. Hughes                                         £95
– Games through the Ages

A fascinating history of the sports and games we played as children—a trip down memory lane to schooldays and earlier. Do you remember playing five stones and marbles, Queenie and Hunt the Slipper? Did you know that Blind Man’s Buff was being played two thousand years ago? Lots of late 18th century wood engravings extolling the virtues of games for healthy minds and bodies. Bound in chocolate brown Morocco. Limited to 200 copies.


Several more Limited Editions are available, but don't yet have their own web pages. See the News page for titles, pictures and descriptions.  

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