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Prices on this website are in UK Pounds. If you wish to order from the USA, I can accept normal checks in US$, - please refer to the U.S. pricelist below. If you wish to order from other countries I prefer sterling cheques drawn on a UK bank (ask your bank), but can accept foreign cheques in most currencies for a £8 surcharge (this surcharge doesn't apply to US$ checks). Sterling prices and postage charges are available for those ordering from Britain, or who can pay in Sterling drawn on a UK bank. I can now accept payments via the online PayPal service. Please note: I do not have the direct facility for credit cards at present, but am hoping to include a complete online ordering service with the new rebuild of this website - I'm hoping this will be ready by early 2004.

Please send payment with order, made payable to TIM SHEPPARD (not Lilliput Press - I will have to return your cheque), to the address below. See below for postage charges.

I am interested in setting up a web-shop so that you can order on-line. However, this is as yet quite expensive to do. If you think you would take advantage of on-line ordering, paying by credit card, email me to let me know. If enough people do so, I will.

U.S. Pricelist

Silk-bound Titles

All titles in this range, numbered 1 - 28, are $27.00 each. See here for titles, pictures and descriptions. Note: the latest titles don't yet have their own full web pages, but you can see what they are on the News page.

Lilliput Classics

All titles in this range, numbered C1 - 2, are $23.00 each. They are the newest titles:

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens

See pictures here, of the half-bound edition of Pride and Prejudice, and again set next to silk-bound and Limited Editions of the Gardener's Assistant, for size comparison. There are no pictures yet of A Christmas Carol, but it is identically bound to Pride and Prejudice, except that the background binding colour is pale red, and the spine/corners are pale green. You can see pictures and descriptions on the News page.

Leather-Bound Titles

All titles in this range, numbered L1 - L4, are $42.00 each. See here for titles, pictures and descriptions.

Special Edition

This book, Flower Talk, is $38.00. See here for picture and description.

Limited Editions

See here for titles, pictures and descriptions. Note: the latest titles don't yet have their own full web pages, but you can see pictures and descriptions on the News page.

F. Restoring a Doll's  House                                Jean Nisbett                       $80
G. The Romance of Hats                                      Deborah Sheldrake            $80
H. The Age of Chivalry                                        Diana Cooke                       $175
I.  Abdul the Wise                                                Paul Mount                         $125
J. An Almanac                                                       Guy Marchant                    $250
K. Æsop’s Fables                                                  Sir John Tenniel (illus.)     $290
L. The Silver Penny ABC                                                                                   $175
      A Natural History (set):
M. Vol. I: Mammals                                               Peter Parley                         $190
N. Vol.  II: Fishes, Serpents & Reptiles              Peter Parley                         $190
O. Vol.  III: Birds                                                    Peter Parley                         $190

P. A European Tour                                              Rev. Isaac Taylor               $190
Q. Classical Mythology                                       Susan Miller                        $300
R. Youthful Pursuits                                             D. Hughes                           $190
S.  Strawberries Fair! – The Cries of London   Andrew Tuer                       $190
T. Struwwelpeter                                                   Dr H. Hoffmann                  $190
U. The Sonnets                                                     William Shakespeare          $250
V. The Gardener's Assistant                                Robert Thompson             $250
W. Pride and Prejudice                                         Jane Austen                       $150
X. A Christmas Carol                                            Charles Dickens                 $150


The bookcase is not available at the moment, and possibly won't be any more. You can see a photo and description here. Please enquire if you are desperate!

Postage and Packing Charge

One rate, whatever ordered. Please add £1.50 to the order total, or £4.00 if ordering from outside the UK. If ordering from USA please add $8.00 instead. All UK orders are sent by recorded delivery. All foreign orders are sent by registered/recorded airmail.

Delivery Times

I aim to send off all orders within 30 days, and often less. At certain times of the year it may take a little longer. If you need your books by a certain date, please tell me and I will do my best to meet your deadline. Although I try and keep all titles in stock, I often bind books to order, since they are so much in demand - hence the 30 day delivery time. Any books which are found to be unacceptable for any reason will be replaced without quibble.


All the Dollshouse Editions (silk-bound, leather-bound or special edition) will remain in print; you may be sure of their availability. Limited Editions listed will generally not run out of their edition within a year, unless noted on the catalogue page.


Please enquire for current delivery time—I try to keep these in sufficient stock, but delivery can take some time, so please check with me or order books separately to avoid their indefinite delay.


If you have a business and wish to buy books for resale, contact me for trade prices, with details of your company.

Contact Information

Postal address
4 Oakenhill Road, Brislington, Bristol BS4 4LR, England
+44 (0)117 977-6354
Electronic mail
General Information
& Customer Support: info@lilliput.co.uk
Sales:                         sales@lilliput.co.uk

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