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Dollshouse Editions


History of Costume
A Beekeeper's Craft
A Herbal Legacy
Country Fare
Flora's Feast
A Beetle Assembly
Long Long Ago
British Butterflies
Restoring A Doll's House
Love Poems
Tropical Birds
The Romance of Hats
The Age of Chivalry
Abdul the Wise
An Almanac
Ęsop's Fables
The Silver Penny ABC
A Natural History
A European Tour
Classical Mythology
Youthful Pursuits

[The Silver Penny ABC]
The Silver Penny ABC

Click on the links below to see photos of the books, and sample illustrations of the contents. These are not yet available for all titles, but I'm working on them - keep an eye on the News page for updates. U.S. prices are on the How to Order page.

Silk-bound Titles

These books are hardbacks identically bound in finest blue Indian Silk, with gilt top edge. The frontispiece and dustwrapper are hand-coloured individually. All are in twelfth scale, measure 1" tall by 3/4", and have around 48 pages. Every book is fully illustrated, usually from quality period sources.

1. History of English Costume               Gloria Dawn                £12.50

A beautifully illustrated account of English fashion up to the nineteenth century.

2. A Beekeeper's Craft                             F. Murray                      £12.50

A working beekeeper outlines the beekeeper's year.

3. A Herbal Legacy                                   N. Culpeper                 £12.50

A compilation of fascinating genuine cures.

4. Country Fare                                         Kym                               £12.50

British recipes from the 18th & 19th centuries.

5. Flora's Feast                                           Walter Crane                £12.50

Facsimile of famous book of flower-fairy pictures & verse.

6. A Beetle Assembly                               Jenny Whittle               £12.50

An account of those little creatures which share our world, with faithful Art Nouveau illustrations.

7. Long Long Ago                                     A. Clements (illus.)    £12.50

A lovely folk-tale: a little girl meets the gods of the months. Thirty-three illustrations.

8. Jack-A-Nory                                           Richard Pope (illus.)   £12.50

Old and well-known nursery rhymes, illustrated.

9. British Butterflies                                 Philip Stevenson          £12.50

Illustrations, with intricate borders, of pretty creatures.

10. Restoring A Doll's House                   Jean Nisbett                    £12.50

A compilation of tips and practical methods used by Jean.

11. Love Poems                                           Edward Piper (illus.)    £12.50

Famous poems illustrated with specially commissioned drawings by a nationally important contemporary artist.

12. Tropical Birds                                       John Gould                    £12.50

Beautiful portraits by eminent 19th cent. ornithologist.

13. The Romance of Hats                         Deborah Sheldrake     £12.50

An illustrated history of European women's headwear.

14. The Age of Chivalry                           Diana Cooke                 £12.50

The knight's costume, code of conduct, and tournaments, with 15th century woodcuts.

15. Abdul the Wise                                     Paul Mount                 £12.50
         - and other poems

An amusing Introduction to Democracy for the Intelligent Child: an illustrated story in verse.

16. An Almanac                                          Guy Marchand            £12.50
         – or Kalendar of Shepardes

A guide to the seasons and Saint's days, with 15th century woodcuts of life through the year.

17. Ęsop’s Fables                                        Sir John Tenniel (illus.)    £12.50

Witty and instructive stories from before 500b.c. with 26 of Tenniel’s masterly and sensitive engravings.

18. The Silver Penny ABC                                                                        £12.50

Moral verses and cautionary tales for each letter, delightfully illustrated with simple woodcuts.

A Natural History (set)

Educational guide enlivened with period misconceptions, amusing pomposity, & characterful engravings.

19. Vol. I: Mammals                                     Peter Parley                         £12.50

20. Vol. II: Fishes, Serpents & Reptiles   Peter Parley                         £12.50

21. Vol. III: Birds                                          Peter Parley                         £12.50


22. A European Tour                                   Rev. Isaac Taylor               £12.50
      – for Tarry-at-Home Travellers

Probably the first armchair travel guide, from 1820. Packed with illustrations of wild, exotic sights and people.

23. Classical Mythology                             Susan Miller                      £12.50

The gods & heroes of ancient Greece and Rome, essential education for every home. Rare French wood engravings.

24. Youthful Pursuits                                  D. Hughes                         £12.50
       – Games through the Ages

A fascinating history extolling the virtues of games for healthy minds and bodies, with 18th cent. engravings.


Several more Silk-bound Editions are available, but don't yet have their own web pages. See the News page for titles, pictures and descriptions.



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